Burgate’s strategy is to focus on acquiring discovered gas fields which have been ignored by the majors, but which are close to existing infrastructure. With new technology such as hydraulic fracturing, extended reach drilling and modern seismic processing technology these assets have substantial potential value.

Esther Gas Field Summary:

An Undeveloped Discovery

  • R II Gas Discovery well 47/15b-5, BG 2001
  • DST flowed 30 mmscfd
  • Leman Sandstone reservoir
  • Average Permeability 19 mD (range 0.01 to 335)
  • GIIP: P50 = 83 bcf
  • Recoverable Reserves P50 = 52 bcf
  • Infrastructure tie in available at West Sole 14 km from bottom hole location
  • Trap: high relief tilted fault blocks

License Details

  • Innovate Licence
  • Phase A 3 years: carry out work programme
  • Phase C 2 years: Plan and carry out drilling programme
  • This is the first time in its history (17 years) the whole of this asset has been covered by a single licence.

Work Programme

  • Reprocess 70 sq km 3D seismic through PreSDM
  • Drill to 3050 m TVDss or 50m Carboniferous Strata
  • or
  • Drop

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Esther Award

Esther Gas Field

Esther Gas Field

Block 113/27e

  • Peel and Doyle Gas Prospects on trend with N Morecambe and Rhyl gasfields.
  • Morecambe Infrastructure nearby connecting to Barrow Terminal.
  • Triassic Ormskirk reservoir with excellent deliverability characteristics.
Block 113/27e

Block 113/27e


  • Doyle has an area of 6 sq km and a relief of 400m. The amplitude display shows strong reflections updip reducing downdip, an indication of gas charge.
  • The Peel Prospect covers an area of 7.3 sq km and has a relief of 250 m. Reflection strength is similar to that at Rhyl where the gas column is 110m.
  • Rhyl Gas Field block 113/27b discovered 2009 and commenced production 2013. Reserves 80 bcf, 32 bcf gas produced to April 2018
Doyel Peel Map

Doyle Peel Blocks.
Doyel Peel Map

Doyle Peel amplitude.

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